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Visual content discovery app Brickflow hit 100k users in 6 months

Two months after pivoting into visual-content discovery, Brickflow hit 100,000 users recently. Their user base grew by 46% in October alone, while thousands register weekly. The Hungarian startup is rolling out an iOS app, launching promoted content pilots.

Two months after pivoting into visual-content discovery Brickflow announced reaching the 100,000 user milestone. Their user base grew by 46% in October alone, while thousands register weekly. But why so many people registered? In comparison to typical discovery applications, Brickflow specializes in shareable images and videos but allows users to go beyond content consumption.

“Younger generations prefer short and visual content and found new networks for expressing themselves: microblogs, online pinboards, etc. What they need help with is finding the fitting content and the audience for self-expression.” - says Peter Langmar, CEO and founder of Brickflow, also a photographer.

Brickflow analyzes its user’s profile after registration. The recommendation engine automatically presents a personalized feed of photos and videos that fit the user’s style. It also offers other profiles to discover and interact with, thus extending the network. Running a social profile with Brickflow helps users grow their follower bases on visual social platforms, like Tumblr.

Content recommendation is a rising trend in social media. Two examples are Facebook’s “Trending” feed and the “Daily by Buffer” app. In addition, the fastest-growing social networks and applications are visual. Active usage has been steeply increasing both on Pinterest and Instagram, not to mention the high number of visual blogs on Tumblr.

Brickflow’s three founders took part in the Startup Wise Guys accelerator then relocated to the Startup Chile incubator. After raising a seed round, incorporating in the US and launching a public beta, various iterations were tested. This lead to the pivot and scaling the team up to nine members by mid 2014.

It is an exciting period for Brickflow. The iOS mobile app is in beta testing while promoted content pilots are being prepared. On top of that, the team has advanced in raising the next round of funding. To learn more, check out previous articles about Brickflow.