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Join the third annual Women Startup Competition in Budapest

Organised for the third time, the Women Startup Competition calls out for applicants from across Europe to join the challenge taking place on March 17-22 in Budapest. The competition provides an oppurtunity to pich for great prizes in front of investors.

The Women Startup Competition was founded in 2014 to increase awareness of female entrepreneurship in the CEE region. It provides young female entrepreneurs with the opportunity to work on their business ideas and to pich for great prizes in front of investors. Organised for the third consecutive year, the Women Startup Competition will take place from March 17-21 in Budapest, Hungary.

"While in Europe, the ratio of female founded startups are below 21 percent, we feel that there is a need to  inspire, educate and unite them whenever we can. The Women Startup Competition is an excellent place for that" – said Támas Muller, founder of the contest.

Women Startup Competition now calls out for applicants from all European countries, to join this 5-day challenge. In a motivating and challenging environment, the participating teams will learn useful practices from well-known professionals, who will prepare them for the Demo Day challenge, where they will pitch their business ideas to a jury of experts. Applications close on February 17.

The four day long training will be held at a different locations across town, showcasing the startup hubs of Budapest, such as the training facility Google Ground or the center for creative industries Design Terminal. Amongst all other professional criteria the condition of applying for each teams was to have at least 50% of the teams consist of women.

Although the main goal of the competition is to increase awareness of female entrepreneurship in the region, the competition would like to be a source of inspiration for women by providing an opportunity year by year to the best teams to present their projects in front of potential investors. The organisers also wish to help female entrepreneurs integrate into the European startup ecosystem to receive more additional support in the future.