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About this blog

As in every country nowdays, also here in Hungary everybody is talking about startups. They are talking about international startups - in Hungarian. They are talking about local startups - in Hungarian. They are also talking about the successes of Hungarian startups - again in Hungarian. But it seems that no one is talking about the Hungarian startups in English. We felt that there was information gap. That’s why we created Silicon Goulash, the first english-language blog covering Hungarian tech startups.

Our mission is to connect Hungarian entrepreneurs with the European startup ecosystem. We aim to promote local startups by bringing news, interviews, and analysis about startups, innovation, business and networking in Hungary. In addition, we will cover domestic and international trends and events that might concern Hungarian startups.

We also aim to cooperate with all Hungarian entrepreneurs and passionate writers looking for international outreach, so this blog will be crowdsourced. We invite you to contribute.

We hope that this blog will turn to be a reliable source of information for entrepreneurs, investors, and press from other countries, and that it will provide the Hungarian startups with some international exposure.

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