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Meet the four Hungarian Startups selected for How to Web 2015

Meet the four Hungarian tech startups that have been selected to attend How to Web conference's Startup Spotlight competition taking place on November 26-27 in Bucharest, Romania. The jury selected the 32 promising startups from all around the CEE.

Today we proudly present the four Hungarian tech startups that have been selected to attend How to Web conference's Startup Spotlight this year: EDM Designer, SpringTab, Sybrillo, and Wyze.

The professional jury had the difficult mission to select the 32 most promising tech startups out of lots of high-quality applications from all around the CEE. For those of you that are interested, among the criteria they took into consideration when making their choice were the team fit and experience, market size and trend, market validation, traction, customer acquisition cost, scalability, and overall feasibility.

The 4th edition of the Startup Spotlight competition and mentoring program will bring together teams from Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Latvia, Moldavia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary. They are working on tech products with disruptive potential in fields such as software, hardware, Internet of Things, mobile, fintech or medtech.

EDM Designer

EDM Designer is a drag and drop editor that helps users create stylish and responsive HTML e-mail templates in a matter of minutes.

There are thousands of companies involved in email sending, but less then 1% of them have proper email editors. Only the biggest companies (like Mailchimp and Campaignmonitor) had the time and resources to develop their own email editors. EDM Designer offers the market a professional, drag-and-drop, responsive email editor for custom integration for a very reasonable price.


SpringTab is a digital platform for auto-personalized content publishing. Their solution provides brands with a tool that automatically tailors the content of their product for each visitor based on their own interests.

SpringTab got in to ProSiebenSat.1 Accelerator earlier in 2015, now their service currently enjoys a two digit monthly growth rate. They have successfully closed first customers, including Mazda, Furla or Kempinski's Blue Fox Bar and test cases with ProSieben.


Sybrillo is a waterproof device that can help users take advantage of their GoPro's high definition footages, while also enjoying remote controllability, stabilization and motion control.

Sybrillo also lets you create amazing 3D timelapse videos with your phone (100+ compatible devices) and action camera (more than 15 devices), and geotag your videos. The device is mountable to all surfaces or objects with its unique connector. Sybrillo is also waterproof, so surfers and divers can use it too.


Wyze is a web-based application that gives you an automatic categorization of your finances by aggregating data from multiple financial accounts.

Wyze focuses on giving up-to-date, at-a-glance financial health information by aggregating data from multiple financial accounts including bank and investment accounts, retirement plans, healthcare spending accounts and cash. These aggregated financial transactions, recurring expenses and one-time cash expenses are automatically categorized to help the user set budgets and saving goals.