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Techstars Berlin released a map of 300+ tech investors in Europe

Techstars Berlin has designed and created a beautiful European investor map that features more than 300 investors that are investing in European start-ups. The list of investors currently totals €15bn in funds, which are available for European startups.

Techstars is a mentorship-driven start-up accelerator that holds 13-week programs for startups in various cities around the globe. Techstars invests around $118,000 per company via more than 20 accelerator programmes worldwide. Its global alumni network is 700-plus companies and it will graduate more than 200 companies in the next 12 months.

The team over at TechStars Berlin have created a map and list of 300+ investors who routinely invest in Seed, Series A or Series B rounds raised by European startups. The map lists seed and venture capital players active across Europe, including in Austria, Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, the UK and more.

The list of investors currently totals some €15bn in funds, which are available for investment in European start-ups right now. The map of European investors is a work in progress and the aim is to update the list in the coming months.

The spreadsheet is publicly available and comments are reviewed by the team for potential additions, corrections and whatnot. In other words, it’s a living list. If you’re a European startup looking to fundraise, you know now where to start.