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Write for us

Are you passionate about startups, tecnhology, and innovation? Would you like to get your article published on Silicon Goulash, the first website covering Hungarian startups in English? Then, this is your chance.

We aim to cooperate with all Hungarian entrepreneurs and passionate writers to provide international outreach for local startups, and we are looking for original articles and press releases to publish. Articles can cover any topic related to startups, new technologies, innovatios, business development, networking, investments, and in wide terms the digital industry.

If you already have a good article or press release in hand, then send it in! But first, ensure that they are in the following format:

  • The article must be written in English.
  • The piece should have a title, a lead and a body with preferably a conclusion or summary at the end.
  • The source format is HTML or a properly(!) formatted document.
  • Avoid using illustrations. Only provide images if necessary (ex. charts), please provide original and state the source(s) of the image(s) in your submission.
  • We do not accept half-completed submissions or drafts. Send your submissions only when you are satisfied with the final outcome.

Before submitting, zip the submission with any accompanying images – and other relevant materials. Sent it via email to “editor at silicongoulash dot com” along with your full name and preferably with a short biography and a link to your website/blog.

The articles must not be too short, must not be rehashed or re-purposed from a previous blog post, must not infringe any copyrights or copyright laws, should not carry images protected under copyright.

Alas, not all submissions will be accepted for publication. All articles are subject to review by our editors who will have a look at the pieces we receive, and decide if it makes the cut. In any case you will be contacted in days about the status.

We look forward to your submissions.