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Brickflow, the visual storytelling web app launches public beta

Brickflow, which launched public beta on July 20, lets you build social media slideshows in just seconds. Stories can be created automatically by choosing a hashtag, or manually on a drag-and-drop interface. The slideshows can be shared and embedded.

Brickflow, a visual storytelling app for making curated social media slideshows in a matter of seconds, has launched its public beta. It’s the first tool for merging multimedia content from social media sites into a coherent story. The web app allows users to build slideshows by drawing content from popular platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube, in addition to direct link support.

“We wanted to use content that was already on the web, and build our story in a playful way. The tools we found were either too complicated, or too limited. Most of them only allowed curating into just another static, linear feed. We realized many people were missing a way to build visually appealing narratives based on social media. This is how Brickflow was born. It’s the easiest way to visually summarize a social media topic. Educators and marketers see it as a creative engagement tool. Others use it for telling their personal stories in a memorable way.” - said Mihaly Borbely, responsible for marketing and product strategy at Brickflow.

Brickflow was designed with the latest social media trends in mind. Brickflow is first to offer the feature of connecting multiple Instagram or Vine videos to tell a longer story. According to Mihaly Borbely, this will open up a whole new world of possibilities, like crowdsourced short films and advertisements.

“I deeply believe that micro-videos will reshape the way we think of visual storytelling. It’s a new format by itself, but these videos are also the perfect building blocks for something bigger.” - answered Mihaly Borbely.

Curated storytelling is a form of communication that is here to stay. Bloggers are using content curation tools to quickly come up with relevant media. But content is getting shorter, more visual, and taking place in real-time. This is a totally new form of self-expression: a few seconds of square-shaped video, low-res snapshots, 140 characters of text.

Brickflow was established in January 2013 by three founders - Mihaly Borbely, Peter Langmar and Tamas Kokeny - from Hungary. Brickflow joined the Estonian Startup Wise Guys accelerator, and later the Startup Chile program earlyer this year. Now they are ready to launch their product and looking for seed investment.

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