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Mosaik@Night: Town Hall with Kristo Käärmann

Mosaik@Night: Town Hall with Kristo Käärmann

Budapest, Hungary

Mosaik is delighted to invite the Budapest dev and startup community to join us in welcoming TransferWise and their Budapest team to our city!

Founded in 2011 in London by two Estonian entrepreneurs seasoned and inspired by years of experience working abroad and building Skype, TransferWise has since created and led a global revolution in international money transfer.

TransferWise has over a million customers all over the world who send €700m every month using the platform - saving them €30m each month. The company has attracted $117m from investors such as world's largest VC firm Andreessen Horowitz, Sir Richard Branson, Peter Thiel and Max Levchin, the co-founders of PayPal. With a global team of more than 600 staff members, the local TransferWisers are looking to expand their operations via Budapest, with a focus on development and customer support.

To celebrate their arrival and welcome the team with true Hungarian hospitality, Mosaik will be hosting a Town Hall event with TransferWise co-founder Kristo Käärmann on June 29, 2016.

The evening will kick off with the TransferWise story and an open discussion on vibrant startup ecosystems, US and EU startup relations, the Estonian mafia and more. The floor will be open for questions from anyone, before, during and after the event, and we encourage all participants to come prepared with thoughts and queries!

This is a free event, RSVP here.

Date and Venue

Date: June 29, 2016, 18:30-21:30

Venue: Mosaik

Address: Pannónia utca 32., Budapest

Entry: Free