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Mosaik@Night: Startup Law 101

Mosaik@Night: Startup Law 101

Budapest, Hungary

Mosaik@Night is theme-based initiative and event series to provide unique opportunities for startup founders and aspiring tech entrepreneurs to grow as individuals and as a business.

This time, two seasoned startup attorney joins us to speak about startup law.


  • Tytus Cytowski - The Good, the bad, the ugly. When CEE startups come to Silicon Valley
    During this presentation, we will speak about protocol, best practices, problems and challenges startups from Eastern Europe face and create for themselves in Silicon Valley.
  • Laszlo Bone - Demistifying the Term Sheet
    Demystifying the Term Sheet and introducing things like Vesting, Drag Along rights, difference between Equity Rounds and Convertible Notes and lot other crucial things that can make or break your startup.

Date and Venue

Date: June 10, 2016, 19:00-21:00

Venue: Mosaik

Address: Pannónia utca 32., Budapest

Entry: Free