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Exobase, the unconventional entrepreneurial event returns to Budapest

After a successful 2014 Tour, Exosphere is returning to Europe for the second year, bringing its unconventional entrepreneurial program Exobase to 11 cities in 10 different countries between May and June. The event will be arriving to Budapest on May 30.

On May 16 Exosphere launches its second Exobase Europe Tour on “the old continent” between May and June, with Bari, Torino, Geneva, Budapest, Prague, Berlin, Warsaw, Riga, Kiev, Istanbul, and Athens listed on the schedule. The tour will be arriving to Budapest on May 30. Participants will be exposed to philosophies and practical tools necessary to thrive in a fast-paced world.

Exobase is a full-day entrepreneurship program that has already been delivered in 18 different cities all over Europe, North America and Latin America to more than 240 total participants. Instead of taking a lecture-style approach the facilitators invite participants to discuss the content and find useful applications to their individual situation. The program is designed to be a place where one can temporarily suspend external pressure, and you are given the freedom to think about your life and your goals with a clear mind and support from experienced entrepreneurs.

The program is delivered in English and will include a session on emerging technology featuring the three most important trends going into the near future: The Digital Middle Class, Grid Autonomy, and Biohacking. In a special case-study participants will learn more about the concept of an Endogenously-Powered Space Elevator that Exosphere is working on with its Copernicus program, the first in its Science and Technology Bootcamp Series.

Exosphere’s mission is to help people understand at which stage of the entrepreneurial process they currently are, help them to discover what they want to learn and unlearn, and guide them to improve their abilities, relationships and ways to look at the world. High school and university students are especially encouraged to join the Exobase program and enjoy special discounts.

For more information about the program and the tour, make sure to visit the Exobase's website.