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Brain Bar Budapest: the inspiration festival from June 4-6

During June 4-6, Brain Bar Budapest will bring renowned experts of our time together to discuss impact of technological innovations, the relationship between technology and humanity, and to explore how these advances could affect our lives in the future.

During June 4-6, inspiration festival Brain Bar Budapest will bring renowned experts of our time together to expolore the interrelations between rapidly developing technology innovations and humanity. Brain Bar Budapest is not about innovation itself, and does not aim to showcase the most current developments in cutting-edge technology. Instead, its objective is to explore how these advances could affect our own lives.

Leading tech experts and opinion leaders will drive the participants of Brain Bar Budapest to think together and explore the contradictions of technology and humanity: of robotics and the future of human labor, mass urbanization and the rural lifestyle, or even singularity and religion.

The main themes of the festival will include trends and dilemmas defining the future of cities, enterprises, education, health and innovation. Why hasn’t a European Silicon Valley arisen? What will the ideal school be like in 2025? Will we trust applications over doctors? How will the state’s role evolve after the New Industrial Revolution? Where will the future take the complex relationship between technology and religion? According to the organizers, the event’s main objective is to provide a forum for a clash of opinions and the discussion of the most vital issues of tomorrow.

The festival programme will feature, among many others, Richard Florida, quite possibly the world’s best known creative economy theorist and Daniel Epstein, founder of the Unreasonable Institute, and one of the world’s 30 most impactful entrepreneurs. Sugata Mitra from India, internationally renowned expert on the relationship between technology and education will also hold a talk, as will Stanford University behavioral psychology researcher Philip Zimbardo. Mara Steiu, the 17-year-old creator of an internationally successful smartphone game developing business will also be on hand, as will transhumanist philosopher Steve Fuller and rabbi Slomó Köves, who will be debating the interrelations of technology and religion.

Brain Bar Budapest aims to generate multidisciplinary collaboration between experts with varied backgrounds from different cultures, to allow for cooperation between people who previously had no forum to do so in Hungary.