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The winners and participants of Startup Sauna Warmup Budapest

Startup Sauna held its first ever Warmup event in Budapest on October 1, 2012. Meet all the startups that have been selected by the judges and received the opportunity to present at the event.

The Budapest Warmup event consisted of two parts. In the morning each team presented in front of the jury, in the afternoon teams had private feedback sessions with the coaches.

By the end of the day the Coaches selected the winner, or in this case winners, since four startups received the opportunity to get into the Startup Sauna accelerator programme later this year in Helsinki, and be present at Slush, the biggest Startup event in Europe. The four winners of the event: mCule, Soo Meta, Mailmill, and Sighter.

Below are the participating startups in alphabetical order:

  1. BidYourDates - Salesforce for dating. The one who bids the highest, goes on the date.
  2. BioTechnoVation - Software for biotech and pharmaceutical companies to improve the manufacturing processes and the quality of drugs.
  3. Boomla - Cloud based social website building platform.
  4. BrickFlow - Web application for developing, discussing, and sharing multimedia stories.
  5. Creative Line - Reality from your ideas. A collaborative tool to get the best ideas from your company's employees.
  6. epistoGraph - Productivity tool that helps acquire knowledge by processing textual info sources.
  7. iDeaPool - They are shaping the future of food packaging, by creating intelligent milk packaging.
  8. i-Sport - Electronic equipments for sport. Startung with fencing, a traditional Hungarian sport.
  9. Mailmill - Your email inbox is full of awesomeness. Let us show you.
  10. mCule - Amazon for drug discovery.
  11. Mixgar - A social jukebox. It streams music to venues, such as bars, restaurants, and festivals.
  12. Mobilessence - Mobile application bulder for events.
  13. PRS ERP - A cloud based ERP system for SMEs.
  14. Quargo - Quargo is the mix of QR and Barcode readers with Augmented Reality Visualization.
  15. Sigther - Geocaching of the 21st century.
  16. Simple Adserver - Adserver to meet the real needs of publishers and content providers.
  17. Soo Meta - helps bloggers and editorial teams create/curate visually engaging mixed-media stories in minutes.
  18. Tapi CRM - Mobile invoicing and CRM software for travelling salesmen and tradesmen.
  19. Work In Field - Easy way to track work mileage, locations and jobs.
  20. Zinbox - Visual and zoomable mail tool for better productivity.

Startup Sauna, founded in 2010, open sources seed acceleration for the most promising startups in Northern Europe, Baltics and Russia. Their aim is to increase the quality and the volume of deal flow by attracting investors and talent into the region, and then pushing them back to make an impact in their own countries. Organized twice a year, Startup Sauna has helped these early stage startups raised over €12 million in funding and, screened more than 500 startups as of December 2011.