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Crunch Big Data Conference 2015

Crunch Big Data Conference 2015

Budapest, Hungary

CRUNCH is a use case heavy conference for people interested in building the finest data driven businesses, no matter the size of their business or the volume of their data.

If you are a Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Product Manager or simply interested how to utilise data to develop your business, this conference is for you. No matter the size of your company or the volume of your data, come and learn from the Biggest players of Big Data, get inspiration from their practices, from their successes and failures and network with other professionals like you.


  • Doug Cutting (Chief Architect at Cloudera, Founder of Hadoop)
  • Alistair Croll (Entrepreneur, author of Lean Analytics)
    Silver linings and dark clouds: the pros and cons of a data-driven world
  • Stephen Brobst (Chief Technology Officer, Teradata Corporation) & Scott Gnau (Chief Technical Officer, Hortonworks)
    Big Data Exploitation with a Unified Data Architecture
  • Andrea Burbank (Data Scientist, Pinterest)
    A/B Testing: building a culture of experimentation at Pinterest
  • Elena Verna (Director of Growth and Analytics, SurveyMonkey)
    Make your KPI’s work for you
  • Esh Kumar (Data Scientist, Spotify)
    Real-time Personalization Platform @ Spotify
  • Martin Kleppmann (Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker)
    Patterns for real-time stream processing
  • Michele Chambers (Author, Speaker and CMO at Continuum Analytics)
    Modern Analytics Roadmap: How to infuse advanced analytics into every part of your business
  • Yali Sassoon (Analytics Lead, SnowPlow)
    Best practices in event data processing
  • Evan Miller (Statistician, Programmer, author of the Wizard statistical analyzer)
    The Right Way To Run An A/B Test
  • David Weisman, Ph.D. (Vice President, Data Sciences, Symbiota, Inc.)
    From Predictive Analytics to Optimal Business Decisions
  • Carl Anderson (Director of Data Science, Warby Parker)
    Creating a Data-Driven Organization
  • Tianhui Michael Li (Founder - Executive Director at The Data Incubator)
    What makes great data scientists
  • Scott Krueger (Data Architect at Skyscanner)
    Logging @ Skyscanner - a dreamer's guide to building and using a real self-service data platform at scale
  • Sergii Khomenko (Data Scientist, Stylight GmbH)
    Building data pipelines: from simple to more advanced - hands-on experience
  • Chris Stucchio (Experienced data scientist and software developer)
    Multivariate Testing, Segmentation, and all that - a guaranteed way to find false positives to show your boss

Date and Venue

Date: October 29-30, 2015

Venue: Millenaris

Address: Kis Rokus str 16-20, Budapest

Entry: $240-$540