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Amuse UX Conference 2015

Amuse UX Conference 2015

Budapest, Hungary

AMUSE 2015 is an international conference on October 29-30 in Budapest, for anyone interested in how to design and develop successful products that users love.

If you are a UX practitioner, product manager, frontend developer, designer or market researcher of digital products or simply interested what's happening on the other side of the screen this conference is for you. Come and see how UX is done by the greatest players, get inspiration from their successes and failures and network with other professionals like you.


  • Josh Clark (Founder, Big Medium)
    Magical UX and the Internet of Things
  • Cennydd Bowles (Digital product designer, former Design lead at Twitter)
    The ethical designer
  • Golden Krishna (Zappos Labs, Senior UX Designer)
    The best interface is no interface
  • Joel Marsh (Teller Email Browser, Founder)
    UX: Design as a science
  • Anna Bloom (Content Strategist, Facebook)
    When words are the product
  • Bill Selman (Mozilla, Lead User Researcher)
    Escaping homophily: Better insights through conducting UX research with 'inconvenient' participants
  • David Darmanin (Hotjar, Founder & CEO)
    How we built Hotjar and onboarded 50k users in a year
  • Trine Falbe (UX consultant & teacher)
    Designing (non-game) web interfaces for children
  • Tobias Haug (Head of Design & Co-Innovation Center, SAP)
    Unleash the power of Design Thinking
  • Anna Dahlström (UX designer and founder, byflock)
    Storytelling in a multidevice landscape
  • Avi Itzkovitch (UX Designer, Founder of UX Salon)
    The invisible interface: Designing the screenless experience
  • Rita Parada (Twitter, Staff User Researcher)
    Observing the mundane - The importance of people watching
  • Toby Sterrett (Simple, Director of User Experience)
    Making dog food part of your balanced diet
  • Jonathan Lupo (EPAM, VP of Experience Design)
    Design equilibrium
  • Andrew Doherty (Google, UX Lead)
    How to create a great UX portfolio, and get that dream job
  • Daniel Markwig (Designer, Design & Co-Innovation Center, SAP)
    Workshop: Design Thinking - Are we solving the right problem?

Date and Venue

Date: October 29-30, 2015

Venue: Millenaris

Address: Kis Rokus str 16-20, Budapest

Entry: $250-$590