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An overview of crowdfunding platforms in Cental and Eastern Europe

Inventures decided to look behind the scenes and to give a closer insight on crowdfunding. The editors compiled a list of CEE platforms that assist you with planning a crowdfunding campaign or in case you want to get an eye on products and trends out there.

Inventures decided to look behind the scenes of raising money from the crowd and to give you a closer insight: into the strategies, mechanisms and models but also to look into the future of crowdfunding.

Besides the giants Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Inventures wanted to know which CEE alternatives for gathering money from the crowd are out there. The editors compiled a list of 39 platforms iss in fact not exhaustive but rather gives you an overview of the different models and trends out there.

Crowdsourcing platforms in CEE

The roots of crowdfunding, at least as we know it today, go back to America when independent musicians turned to the internet to raise money for producing their records. However, what followed in the next decade was a wave of not only stories of success and an impressive growth in the landscape of crowdfuning but also a general movement in the startup scene.

While crowdfunding is a rather young phenomenon it enjoys increasing popularity not only among entrepreneurs but creative people from all over the world. With the help of the crowd you can get your prototype funded, pre-sell the first batch of your product before you even produce it or get the start capital to launch your creative project.