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Prezi launches Nutshell, an app to turn photos into mini-movies

Presentation platform Prezi has launched its first standalone app called Nutshell, that turns photos into mini-movies that can be shared on social media. The app incorporates some of the best features of Prezi to combine photos and videos to ‘tell a story’.

Prezi, the popular presentation platform from the company of the same name, launched its first ever standalone mobile app called Nutshell, as it targets the consumer realm. If you’ve used Prezi, you might be familiar with its zoomable canvas. Taking the same approach, the company has created a new app called Nutshell.

With Nutshell users are able to create mini-movies from still images or videos. Users add three photos or videos, then Nutshell “animates” them into a sequence that can be spruced up with graphics and text to be shared across social media. Prezi co-founder Adam Somlai-Fischer says the idea for Nutshell came about when they noticed its users were using Prezi for a myriad of life events, including holidays, birthdays, and even marriage proposals.

“Nutshell is exactly what its name implies: an epic story condensed into the space of a moment. We incorporated some of the best features of Prezi, which helps people use spatial context to share ideas and visually communicate moments in their life in an equally impactful and memorable way” - explained Adam Somlai-Fischer.

The mobile-first approach with Nutshell is also indicative of the direction Prezi is taking in general, as it recently revealed a new feature that lets its users deliver and view presentations in real time directly from their phone. Although Prezi has a native app for iOS already, Nutshell represents the first separate new product the company has launched in its six-year history.

The Nutshell Camera application is now available on the Apple iTunes Store for iPhones and iPads.