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Startup Pirates returns to Budapest in February for second time

Startup Pirates returns to Budapest for the second time with its intensive one-week event from January 31 to February 7, 2015. Through a combination of training, mentoring and idea development, it helps participants structure and develop their ideas.

Following the successful start of its programme last year, Startup Pirates returns to Budapest for the second time from January 31 to February 7, 2015. Startup Pirates Budapest is a one-week program that enables aspiring entrepreneurs to get inside the startup world and learn how to develop a business idea. With a very hands-on approach and the support of a large community of experienced entrepreneurs, it combines workshops and mentoring with a clear focus on accelerating the development of startups.

Over the course of the 8 day educational accelerator, participants will have the chance to attend about 8 high quality workshops (on topics such as business model, product development, pitch), be mentored by more than 20 entrepreneurs and innovators who will join us during the program, and be connected to and form relationships with more than 20 extraordinary entrepreneurs.

Although the application period for the full Startup Pirates Budapest program has already ended, you can attend the Startup Pirates Open Meetup on February 5. The event will be an excellent opportunity to hear experts talk about entrepreneurial topics, have your questions answered, and get a chance to network with others.

Startup Pirates is a nonprofit global organisation building a better world through the empowerment of entrepreneurs in the making. As a worldwide initiative, each program is organized by local teams, always respecting the brand and following the methodology that has been developed, tested and is continuously improving. These teams have always the support of a global team, that provides materials and expertise in order to keep everything going. All the speakers and mentors are local entrepreneurs who are willing to share their knowledge with the pirates.