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International office network Clusterhaus expands to Budapest

Just two years after the opening of the first Clusterhaus in Cologne, the fourth Clusterhaus has opened its doors in Budapest on June 11, and provides access to 2 floors of “Do It Yourself” office spaces at affordable prices and flexible rental leases.

Two years after the opening of the first Clusterhaus in Cologne, the fourth Clusterhaus has opened its doors in Budapest, Hungary. Just like in the Cologne, Vienna and Bratislava, startups in Clusterhaus Budapest now have access to “Do It Yourself” office spaces on 2 floors at affordable prices and flexible rental leases where they can pursue their entrepreneurial activities.

Since the first Clusterhaus in Cologne, the company has been expanding east ever since, first taking over Vienna, than Bratislava. It makes sense to eventually also be present in Budapest an important economic and social hot-spot with a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. Clusterhaus has enjoyed rapid growth since inception in the summer of 2012, and now manages over 10,000 m2 of office space across Germany, Austria, Slovakia and now Hungary.

The idea of Clusterhaus is the same across all countries to house a community of entrepreneurs, creatives and craftsmen and enable knowhow transfers in vertically integrated industries. Clusterhaus traditionally targets startups and founders of innovative digital companies that go through the same phases of growth, hurdles, challenges and can do so together under one roof, benefiting from informal information exchanges, networking and nurture new business collaborations.

“I’m looking forward to help run the Clusterhaus community locally. I am also founder of a startup. We are too big to work from home or in a coworking space, yet too small to rent out a private office. Clusterhaus fills the gap in our growth phase so we can keep focusing on our product and not have to worry about the roof over our heads.” - said David Asztalos, local partner for Clusterhaus.

Clusterhaus Budapest also wants to tap into the talent pool and enable know-how transfer and collaboration between the neighboring branches in Vienna and Bratislava. Similarly, Clusterhaus Budapest aims to act as a gateway for Hungarian startups to bridge the gap of internationalization into Austria, Germany and Western Europe.