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Prezi celebrates its 5th anniversary, announces 40 million users

Cloud-based presentation platform celebrates its 5th anniversary with 10 million new sign-ups since October, and passes the 40 million user milestone. Current growth is coming from frequent business presenters who use the iPad app to boost field sales.

Hungarian startup Prezi, the cloud-based presentation platform that helps presenters connect more powerfully with their audiences, announced that its user community has grown to 40 million. The company, which attained 30 million users last October, has seen an average of more than 55,000 new signups each day for the last six months. This week also marks the company’s 5th anniversary.

Prezi attributes its rapid growth to the increasing need for effective communication in this era of information overload. Prezi’s CEO and cofounder, Peter Arvai, says, “when you deliver a presentation, you’re competing against everything for your audience’s attention. Prezi helps you organize your thoughts and deliver them in a clearer way that really helps your audience understand and remember your message.”

Prezi users agree the tool has made them better presenters. Adrian Chang, Senior Principal Consultant at Oracle, delivers about five presentations each week and was looking for a more effective medium. “I was really excited to find Prezi. Since I started using it, my presentations have become more engaging and impactful. The highly visual format connects with my colleagues in a way that slides never could.”

Mike Butera, CEO of hardware startup Artiphon, appreciates Prezi’s versatility. ”When I started Artiphon, I knew Prezi would be a great tool for investor pitches and we had huge success–even a feature story in Forbes. But lately, we’ve also been using it to collaborate remotely and showcase our product for potential customers.”

While the product enjoyed initial growth in the education space, and Prezi recently joined The White House’s ConnectED Initiative to support Title I schools, its focus is shifting increasingly toward the business market. Current growth is coming from frequent business presenters such as creative agencies, sales reps who use the iPad app to boost field sales, and individuals who need a powerful way to pitch to investors or clients.

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation platform that helps you connect more powerfully with your audience. Unlike slides, Prezi’s open, zoom-able canvas lets you show relationships between the big picture and fine details, putting your ideas in context. Your message is more likely to resonate, motivate, and be remembered, whether you’re delivering a sales pitch to a high-value client or a TED Talk to the world’s foremost thinkers. Founded in 2009, and with offices in San Francisco and Budapest, Prezi now fosters a community of over 40 million users and over 100 million prezis around the world.