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The hitchhiker's guide to the Budapest startup ecosystem in 2014

Along the Danube River lies one of the most beautiful cities in Europe: Budapest. Besides a good number of World Heritage Sites, Budapest is one of the most attractive metropolitan cities in Europe, and it also has a young, blossoming startup scene.

This guide started in 2013 with the aim to give a conscise overview of what to look out for if you are a young entrepreneur in Budapest. It has proven to be a most valuable source of information for a lot of people interested in the local startup ecosystem. We are releasing the article in 2014 as well with updated information.

As in every country nowdays, also here in Hungary everybody is talking about startups. New ventures have sprung up in recent years, ushered by an emerging startup ecosystem of accelerators, funding sources, co-working spaces and other new resources now available to entrepreneurs. As the ecosystem grows, it fosters new ideas and ways of doing business, and it makes it easier for aspiring young talent to get enthusiastic about starting a business. This is why this guide exists: to give a conscise overview of what to look out for if you are living here, or just happen to be a young entrepreneur visiting Budapest. (Asterisk indicates a new addition since last year.)

Annual Events, Conferences

Monthly/Semi-Regular Events


Entrepreneurial Development Firms

  • European Entrepreneurship Foundation - Building next generation European companies.
  • Invendor* - A consulting house providing strategic advisory and scouting services.
  • Kitchen Budapest* - Kitchen Budapest (KiBu) is a place where ideas come alive.
  • Megoldas.Most - Group of business development experts focusing on startup companies.
  • RocketSide* - Helps people in implementing their wildest dreams.
  • SmartUp - Business communication and coaching agency.

Coworking Spaces

  • Colabs - Startup center and tech hub. The first of its kind in Hungary.
  • CoWo - Co-working right at the center of town. Light, space, harmony.
  • i-Office - Co-working and virtual office services in one of Budapest's most dynamic areas.
  • Kaptar - For people who like freedom in work and being part of a vivid community.
  • KoWerk - For growing startups who still take pleasure in the co-working environment.
  • Loffice - One of the first co-working spaces in Budapest, now also open in Vienna.
  • MyCorporation - Open minded host space with complete office infrastructure.
  • Startup Office - Office space for small and medium size enterprises.
  • The Hub - Co-working and startup event hub, close to the popular Liszt square.


  • Euroventures - One of the longest-established venture capital firms in Central Europe.
  • Day One Capital - The first institutional business angel fund to operate in Hungary.
  • Finext* - Finext invests into emerging innovative SMEs in Hungary.
  • Primus Capital - Primus accelerates expansion stage enterprises with venture capital.
  • PortfoLion - OTP Bank's venture capital fund management company

Online Resources

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