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Meet the 3 Hungarian startups presenting at How to Web next week

This year the How to Web conference will host the second edition of this intense competition and orientation program, Startup Spotlight. Meet the three Hungarian startups that have been selected to take part in the competition and present on stage this year.

This year the How to Web conference will host the second edition of this intense competition and orientation program, Startup Spotlight, that provides startups with fantastic opportunities, such as mentoring sessions with experienced entrepreneurs, meetings with potential investors who are specifically interested in early-stage startups, international exposure and awareness, and cash prizes of $20,000. It is a chance for startups to discover if they are on the right track for your business.

This year the organisers have received applications from 14 countries in the CEE region. Last year’s competition saw only one Hungarian finalist, we are glad to announce that this year three startups will be representing Hungary.


Sopreso is an interactive presentation tool. It empowers the audience to interact and with the presentation and keeps a community formed around your topic online. It converts the current broadcast model of a presentation to a multiway information stream, by providing a platform where the audience can be involved in the presentations much more easily, while making the process measureable, opening it up for a whole new kind of analitics and. It provides a platform for the audience to interact meaningfully with the presentation. Since Sopreso is a web-app, it needs no installation, so users can interact with the presentations insantly, eliminating the long setup process of native apps, which mainly prevents on the fly usage.


Sportwavez is a sports team management site helping users to discover a completely new experience while organizing their sportlife creating players’ profile and history. For users, sportwavez is a tool to organize their sport teams’ life having a complete overview about the opponents and using game mechanism to motivate users’ real life performance. For youngsters it is a platform where they can show up in front of big professional clubs. For leagues, sportwavez is a platform they can use as a highly interactive digital presence for completely free. For brands and advertisers, sportwavez is a platform where players, teams and leagues can manage their sportlife and take part of digital gaming. In its current form it is a mobile optimized website. Mobile applications to be launched in 2013.


Synetiq provides businesses with valuable emotional insights about their marketing material directly from their customers’ brain. Synetiq is developing integrated neurotechnology projects offering innovative solutions to improve human computer interaction for the marketing, advertising, communication, creative industries and governments. Synetiq’s multidisciplinary and international team with diverse backgrounds such as design, neuroscience, artificial intelligence and communication is developing software products, providing consulting and services as well as conducting research in the integration of innovative technologies.

For two days, the How to Web conference hosts leading innovators, entrepreneurs and professionals for a feast of hands-on talks on global web trends, product and business innovation, and new technologies. As part of the conference, the Startup Spotlight competition is showcasing some of the most innovative startups in Central and Eastern Europe, along with world-class accelerators, investors and support programs. If you haven't already, make sure to check out the How to Web conference website.