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Lean Startup Machine is arriving to Budapest in April

Lean Startup Machine is the hands-on workshop for learning Lean Startup methodologies. Lean Startup Machine has held 94 workshops in 40 cities, across 6 continents, for over 7050 entrepreneurs around the world. Now it’s time for Budapest to get lean!

Lean Startup Machine is the hands-on workshop for learning Lean Startup methodologies. In 3 days, participants acquire the skills needed to identify, test, and eliminate the barriers to a viable business model. With focus on process and validation, entrepreneurs and innovators learn how to build disruptive products — and how to avoid wasting time building a product that nobody will want. Heeding the motto “Fail fast. Succeed Faster.”, our attendees progress more in 3 days than most others do in 6 months.

This three-day event will be held at Design Terminal, during April 26-28, and will offer local innovators the chance to test their ideas with some of the same methodologies used by companies like Dropbox, Facebook, and Zynga.

This process driven, intensive workshop will push attendees to new limits and change the way they think. Participants will be coached by the Lean Startup Machine team and successful entrepreneurs, both foreign and local, on how best to apply the methodology — within the workshop but also with projects and ventures that extend beyond the weekend.

Lean Startup is a methodology that was made popular by world renowned author Eric Ries. The methodology has been known to save entrepreneurs time and money by helping them to avoid building products that nobody actually wants. The number 1 reason why startups fails is because they build products that no one wants. Lean Startup helps entrepreneurs avoid this through validating and building things that customers actually will want, buy and use.

Participants from all backgrounds are welcome! Being that this is the very first workshop in Hungary, tickets will go fast. You can visit the event's page to learn more and you can purchase tickets here.

For reservations, questions, concerns or interview requests please do not hesitate to contact Heidi Sloane at heidi at leanstartupmachine dot com.