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Startup Sauna is looking for entrepreneurs in Budapest

On October 1 for the first time ever Startup Sauna is organizing a Warmup event in Budapest to find the best startups and invite them to participate in the 6 week long program in Helsinki starting at the end of October.

Partnering with InVendor, Startup Sauna will meet the most promising startups from Hungary. The Budapest Warmup event consists of presentation in the morning where each team will present in front of the jury. In the afternoon, teams will have private feedback sessions with the coaches. By the end of the day, the jury will select one team to be invited to the 6 week long program in Helsinki.

“The teams participating in the program are proven to increase the growth of the entrepreneur’s access to financing for their operations, and its provide an opportunity to hone your business idea and work on the team. The team must make a difference and be disruptive. In addition, they need to develop viable, internationally attractive business proposition.” - says the Startup Sauna head coach Ilkka Kivimäki.

Startup Sauna,founded in 2010, open sources seed acceleration for the most promising startups in Northern Europe, Baltics and Russia. Their aim is to increase the quality and the volume of deal flow by attracting investors and talent into the region, and then pushing them back to make an impact in their own countries. Organized twice a year, Startup Sauna has helped these early stage startups raised over 12€ million in funding and, screened more than 500 startups as of December 2011.

Startup Sauna is an excellent initiative with proven track record creating a bridge between Northern Europe and the Silicon Valley. This is an opportunity for Hungarian entrepreneurs to go global by reaching experienced mentors, connections, funding and other invaluable resources.

Journalists and enthusiasts are more than welcome to attend the day. The application for startups is open now at