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Brain Bar Budapest

Brain Bar Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Brain Bar Budapest (2-4 June, 2016) is Central Europe’s only festival on ethics and technology, dedicated to the complex and evolving relationship between technology and humanity. With its broad scope and ambitious format, it strives to create a unique space of inspiration, where top trendsetters, decision makers and fresh challengers exchange ideas in unusual and unrestrained conversations.

The festival thrives on the tension unleashed through high-profile debates exploring the contradictions between the advances of cutting-edge technology and humanity itself. Ensuring a truly immersive experience, brief bursts of powerful progressive music frame these unapologetic exchanges in an inspiring, vibrant context.

Brain Bar Budapest exists to question the status quo and foster debate on tomorrow, focusing on how new developments could transform our lives and the future of our society in Europe and beyond.

  • Will you job survive technology?
  • Will new solutions kill our daily habits?
  • Will innovation save Europe?
  • Will we recognize our cities in 20 years?

At Brain Bar Budapest, these ethical dilemmas are starting points rather than afterthoughts. In a format that pits technologists against philosophers, politicians versus social entrepreneurs, influencers versus disruptors, these questions form the basis of three days of lively debate, art and music in stunning venues in the heart of Budapest.

For more information, visit the website of Brain Bar Budapest.

Date and Venue

Date: June 2-4, 2016

Venue: Akvarium Klub

Address: Erzsébet sqr 12, Budapest

Entry: EUR 25-55