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Disruptive Technologies Made in Budapest: Demos & Drinks

Disruptive Technologies Made in Budapest: Demos & Drinks

Budapest, Hungary

We’re really excited to open our doors to you and give you an insight into what we’ve been working on here at Pulilab! For our very first meetup, we will introduce four completely different projects / products within EdTech, Space, Infotainment & Democracy, where the common denominator is disruptive technology made in Budapest! Please note the Meetup will be held in English.


  • 18:30-18:40 Welcome from Pulilab’s Torben Thomsen (Co-founder & CTO) and Christian Nielsen (Co-founder & CEO)
  • 18:40-19:00 Demo of Vidzor’s Educational Application - Christian Nielsen, CEO and Co-founder of Vidzor
  • 19:00-19:20 Aporta Digital infotainment suitcase - Balázs Mester, Senior Java Developer, Pulila
  • 19:20-19:40 PuliSpace - Tibor Pacher, CEO of Pulispace
  • 19:40-20:00 Open Government Partnership in Hungary - Csaba Madarasz, Disruptive Democrat
  • 20:00-20:20 Shoka Bell - The ultimate bicycle bell with display & theft alert - Tamas Leposa, Lead Developer, Shoka

We look forward to meeting all of you!

Date and Venue

Date: September 30, 2015, 18:30-18:30

Venue: Pulilab HQ

Address: Széchenyi utca 3., Budapest

Entry: Free