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International Geek-Together: Meet Portugal

International Geek-Together: Meet Portugal

Budapest, Hungary

International Geek-Together presents yet another flourishing startup community, this time participants will be able to meet and learn about the startup scene in Portugal! Our guests in person and online will join us to talk about how the Lisbon and Porto startup ecosystems have been ramping up, how the whole scene look like, what their challenges and advatages are.

Amazing people who will join us this evening:

  • Nuno Martins (Managing Director of Pioneers Unplugged)
  • Pedro Carmo Oliveira (Co-founder of
  • Tiago Vidal (Founder of GoYouth Conference)
  • João Gonçalo Cunha (CEO of Associação Acredita Portugal)
  • Inês Santos Silva (Co-Founder of Startup Pirates)
  • Bruno Costa (Growth Engineer at Baboom)

Join us once again for free to learn about the Portuguese startup ecosystem, best practices to reach out to the local market and to get a feeling about potential synergies with the portuguese speaking communities around the world (hint: that means more than 240 million people!)

Being faithful to our good old traditions, we will provide each participant with 3 dice, each one worth a drink or a snack. And just like always: no keynotes, no roll-ups, no advertisements, only inspiring people, cold beer and new friends. Come and join us on 19th August, a day before the national holiday of St. Stephen's Day, which also means no excuses like working on the following day.

Date and venue

Date: August 19, 18:00-23:00

Venue: Google Ground

Address: Nagytemplom utca 30, Budapest

Entry: 1750 HUF, tickets available here.