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Apply now for the CEE Women Startup Competition 2015

Women Startup Competition calls out for applicants in the Central Eastern European region to join for a 5 days long challenge taking place on March 17-22 in Budapest. The competition provides an oppurtunity to pich for great prizes in front of investors.

The CEE Women Startup Competition has been founded in order to give an opportunity to young, female entrepreneurs to meet the investors of their dreams and to create a tradition for female entrepreneurs in order to get attention based on their talent, competence and commitment. In a motivating, challenging environment teams can learn some useful practices from recognized professionals and prepare for a Demo Day challenge that might be a game changer for many of the selected teams.

The second CEE Women Startup Competition is a 5 days long startup challenge taking place on March 17-22 in Budapest, Hungary. The success of last year’s Women Startup Competition encouraged the organisers to grow the event this year and to introduce the best women startups of Central and Eastern Europe in front of a bigger audience.

The competition is a great oppurtunity to pich for great prizes in front of potential investors. The CEE Women Startup Competition wants each team to set an example for female entrepreneurs and furthermore be part of the CEE startup ecosystem. Startups funded by young, female entrepreneurs achieved great successes in the past few years. The organisers also aim to drive attention to these fantastic incohations.

Among many successful women entrepreneurs of the region we can proudly mention the Pioneers Festival winner Urska Srsen or the SameBug team, who was the first startup from Hungary to receive an investment from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston. Other great examples for successful female startups, are the 2014 Women Startup Competition winner Teddy the Guardian, and last but not least Sara Gulyás with her widely successful Kickstarter campaign.

Applications are accepted until February 17. For more information on how to apply, please visit the website of CEE Women Startup Competition.