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Grab your early bird ticket for this year’s How to Web conference

The fifth How To Web conference on startup and entrepreneurship is taking place from November 20-21 in Bucharest. The event will feature over 70 top speakers from four continents. Interested visitors are now able to get their tickets at a discounted price.

The fifth edition of How To Web conference on startup and entrepreneurship is yet again taking place in Bucharest from November 20-21. Over 70 speakers coming from four different continents will come together to talk about the Internet of Things and the evolution of hardware startups, the revolution of electronic payments brought about by crypto-currencies, the opportunities and challenges of startup financing, including crowdfunding, or how and why it is the perfect moment to start building video games.

The program will be divided into four different tracks: Future Trends & Entreprenuership Track, Product Track, Game Development Track and Angel Investment Track.

Taking place on the main stage, Future Trends & Entreprenuership Track will be the focal point of public dialogue on Internet of Things and the business opportunities created by this evolution. Speakers such as Chris Chabot, Florian Meissner, Jason della Rocca, Alex Barrera, Luka Sucic and Dilyan Dimitrov will discuss different aspects of IoT and give their own thoughts on the trend which is promising to dominate the tech industry in the years ahead of us. This year’s How To Web will also feature several early stage startups competing in the Startup Spotlight competition who will have an opportunity to win $20.000 in cash prizes.

The Product Track will host in-depth talks about product management. The audience will have an opportunity to hear more about product development from Ragnar Sass, co-founder of PipeDrive, as well as Mark Tolmacs, product manager at Ustream. Together, the two of them will talk about involving customers in the product development process for building a user-centric product, as well as discuss the challenges of team localization and the way in which you learn to work in an ever-changing environment.

The Game Development Track will host speakers such as Dan Olthen, Game of Thrones Producer at Bigpoint GmbH, Mathieu Muller from Unity Technologies, Vlad Micu from Critical Force Entertainment and Agnieszka Szostak, Founder PR Outreach who will talk about marketing and PR in the gaming industry.

The Angel Investment Track will feature Felix Peterson, who financed startups such as Tumblr, Airbnb and Dropbox, will share his knowledge on finding the best deals. He will be joined by Jonathan Bixby from GrowLab, Adrian Gheara, angel investor, Malin Stefanescu and George Lemnaru who will talk more about investing and receiving an investment at Green Horse Games. Angel investors will also talk about the best practices and collaborations with accelerator programs for getting into killer deals.

Interested visitors are able to get their tickets at the discounted price until November 13, as listed on the How to Web website. You can choose between specific tracks or opt for a full conference package which covers all four tracks. Head over to How to Web's website and grab your tickets!