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Secure mobile communication service CryptTalk wins several CEE awards

CryptTalk, a secure mobile communication service by Arenim Technologies was a favourite at this year’s Hungarian Innovation Tech Show, taking home no less than three awards: Fintech Startup of the Year, Most Innovative Project and Developer Heroes of the Year.

The Hungarian Innovation Tech Show is a top-tier exhibition and conference, showcasing new digital products and services from Hungary. The Fintech & Sales Demo Day section of the event on 30th May saw the best business-focused innovative solutions of the CEE region competing for the great prize, the “Fintech Startup of the Year” award.

The Hungarian Multimedia Cluster, Deutsche Telekom subsidiary Magyar Telekom and an independent jury of tech entrepreneurs, investors and industry experts chose CryptTalk as the “Most Innovative Project” among the 15 Hungarian finalists of Telekom’s international innovation contest. As the winners, Arenim Technologies founders Szabolcs Kun and Attila Megyeri were invited to London, startup capital of Europe, to present CryptTalk to both peers and corporations on the lookout for new innovative business solutions with great future potential in financial markets.

After bagging the Startup of the Year and Founder of the Year awards earlier at the national stage, CryptTalk won the “Developer Heroes of the Year” award at the regional award ceremony of the Central European Startup Awards (CESA). Nominees of this award, besides presenting their solutions, had to prove themselves on the job and come up with the fastest and most efficient solution to a real-life developer’s task – something the team is especially proud of being the best at, added co-founder Szabolcs Kun.

Even though CryptTalk is the result of five years of development, with over a hundred million secure phone calls completed, solutions for secure mobile communication are still somewhat ahead of the market, founders Szabolcs Kun and Attila Megyeri said. However, they believe there will soon be a breakthrough, as more and more companies are ready to protect their mobile communication, looking out for the most secure new developments worldwide.

Similarly to mobile technology 20 years ago, solutions like CryptTalk can spread in a top-down pattern, from big companies running the service from their own servers, through SMEs with a cloud-based subscription framework, to the consumer market in co-operation with large telecommunications partners that have massive client bases.

CryptTalk was developed by Stockholm headquartered Hungarian startup Arenim Technologies. CryptTalk is a secure communication service which provides secure calling and instant messaging. It hinders the interception of users’ conversations by applying the most advanced encryption and authentication technologies – calls cannot be decoded even if the interceptor has access to the source code of the application and has access to the central servers. Voice data is transmitted directly between the end users, without any intermediary service providers.