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Two weeks left to apply for Axel Springer Plug & Play Accelerator

Axel Springer Plug & Play, the Berlin-based accelerator program of the German media giant Axel Springer, is currently accepting applications for its second cycle. The 3 month long programme starts on October 7, the application deadline is August 15.

Berlin-based Axel Springer Plug & Play Accelerator is looking for startups that are breaking new ground in the development and implementation of digital business ideas. Twice a year, it runs a three month-long program in which provides startups with office space in the heart of Berlin, coaching from exquisite mentors, workshops, networking, and € 25,000 for 5% equity. The program ends with the Demo Day, where startups will have the opportunity to pitch in front of an audience of local and international venture capital firms for additional seed and Series A funding.

“We are mostly interested in tech and media startups or startups that can even grow faster with the usage of media. At the best, applicants have already developed prototypes or market-tested business models. We have a strong focus on team members and their personality and apart from one techie, we advice startups to be authentic and of course, highly motivated. ”, says Charlotte Bilzer from Axel Springer Plug & Play Accelerator communications department, about the ideal candidate.

The second cycle of the accelerator program starts on October 7. The duration of the programme is three months that require full availability. The applying team should have at least one developer and consist of at least two members. The programme does not accept single-founders. Successful startups will be part of Axel Springer Plug & Play Accelerator network.

Plus, because the programme is a cooperation between the German media giant Axel Springer and the global accelerator Plug & Play Tech Center in Silicon Valley, startups have the chance to meet Silicon Valley investors as well as go to Silicon Valley at the programs expense. The accelerator is open to worldwide startups, though Europe will be the starting point for their business.

“As the Accelerator is based in Berlin, we are targeting all media and tech startups in Europe. However, the geographic closeness to many CEE countries and all the high potentials we can see in these countries (of which many have a technical background) make the CEE countries to a very interesting target for us” - said Bilzer.

Application is open until August 15 for the second cycle starting on October 7, 2013. Please visit the website of Axel Springer Plug & Play for more details.