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Watch live: learn to scale your engineering at the RAMP conference

RAMP is a tech conference on scaling systems from 1 to 100 million users, held in Budapest on July 11-12, with speakers from companies like Yahoo, DropBox, and Netflix. The goal is to showcase how to build systems that are easy to scale from the beginning.

RAMP is a sellout conference designed to help developers learn from those who have been in the trenches of building highly scalable backend systems. It takes place in Budapest over the next two days, organized by the teams behind some of Hungary’s most successful startups; PreziLogMeIn and Ustream, and you can watch it live on Ustream.

RAMP will be predominantly focused on scaling MVPs (Minimal Viable Products). Building MVP’s often falters when you need to actually scale the MVPs. But over-engineering the first version can kill the company. RAMP will feature stories from engineers and tech founders about the race against exploding traffic, architectures that didn’t cut it, and all that goes into scaling systems and engineering teams when a product goes from 1 to 100m users.

Speakers include representatives from companies such as Dropbox, Yahoo, SoundCloud, Microsoft and Netflix. The program for the event includes talks about everything from ‘MySQL usage of web applications with 1 user and 100 million’ to ‘Scaling Reddit from 1 million to 1 billion — pitfalls and lessons.’ As the event website puts it: “This conference is for those who want to go beyond just creating “minimal viable products” but MVPs that scale beyond expectations.”

You can read about all the speakers here, and check the schedule here. The program runs from 9am to 6.20pm CEST on Thursday 11 July and, and from 10am to 6.45 pm CET on Friday 12 July. Enjoy!

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