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RAMP: a conference on scaling systems on July 11-12 in Budapest

RAMP is a tech conference on scaling systems from 1 to 100 million users, held in Budapest on July 11-12, with speakers from companies like Yahoo, DropBox, and Netflix. The goal is to showcase how to build systems that are easy to scale from the beginning.

Three Hungarian startups, LogMeIn, Prezi and Ustream, wanted to add a new genre of conference where the best engineers and developers would discuss the challenges they faced. These conferences are for hardcore technical experts and also serve as an exploration of technology pioneering in Europe. The latest in this series of conferences is RAMP, showcasing best engineering practices to start building systems that are easy to scale from the beginning.

RAMP will be predominantly focused on scaling MVPs (Minimal Viable Products). Building MVP’s often falters when you need to actually scale the MVPs. But over-engineering the first version can kill the company. RAMP will feature stories from engineers and tech founders about the race against exploding traffic, architectures that didn’t cut it, and all that goes into scaling systems and engineering teams when a product goes from 1 to 100m users.

RAMP will be held from July 11-12, at the Design Terminal in Budapest, with companies who’ve sent their best and brightest to share stories. The speaker base is growing day-by-day, but it already includes speakers like Theo Schlossnagle the CTO and founder of OmniTI, (and author of the book Scalable Internet Architectures), Gergely Timar from Yahoo (San Francisco), who works as a product architect on the acquired Indextools product, Rajiv Eranki the former Head of Server Engineering at Dropbox, and Jeremy Edberg who is now the Reliability Architect at Netflix (San Francisco) and previously the Operations Manager at Reddit.

How is this different from other conferences? Besides the niche topic, the conference organizers ask provocative questions and prompt real and disruptive dialogue. There’s no end game other than the potential to help each other’s companies. It’s also in everyone’s best interest to have candid dialogue about how to scale. RAMP has the potential to benefit every tech-founder and advanced developer in the world.

RAMP is the second conference in this new hardcore tech conference series. Previously, LogMeIn, Prezi, and Ustream organized MLOC.JS, a conference on JavaScript, with speakers from companies like Facebook, Google, and Mozilla. 28,000 unique visitors streamed the conference in real time and 40% of visitors coming from outside of Hungary.

The conference is sold out but you will be able to watch the speakers talk by registering for free. Please visit RAMP's website for more information.