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Meet the startups showcased at the Hungarian Innovation TechShow

The Hungarian Innovation TechShow is Hungary’s top-tier exhibition of ICT innovation, showcasing the latest and most promising digital products and services. Exhibitors present their projects through live interactive demos, and pitch them on the main stage.

The Hungarian Innovation TechShow (HITS) that took place on June 11 this year, is Hungary’s top-tier exhibition of ICT innovation, each year showcasing the country’s latest and most promising digital products and services to an audience of professionals, investors, representatives of the media, and the general public. Established in 2009 and organized annually by the Hungarian Mobility and Multimedia Cluster, HITS’s main objective has been to provide an engaging, content-rich occasion for seeing what’s cooking in Hungary’s hi-tech community, and for interacting with the cream of the Hungarian digital industry and geek scene.

HITS’s exhibitors are each year selected through a competitive open call by an independent panel of experts. The exhibitors make up a wholesome mix of fresh startups and more established SMEs and MNCs, each getting a chance to present their projects of pride through live interactive demos, and pitch them on the main stage.


  1. 3D – BodySP (Scan/Print)
    This Biotech Lab product prepares 3D models. It consists of image organizer and publisher software and a printer relying on FLM technology. This development can prove beneficial in the healthcare industry but it could also be useful for light and textile industry. It is definitely the best choice for both designer and fashion businesses.
  2. Beyond3D
    This is a professional and unparallel 3D CAD modeling system that will allow designers to share their schemes easily and customers to edit and manufacture them. It includes an online desktop with an intuitive web shop where we can take and order any product we want.
  3. CarCare
    Carcare is a joint innovation project of Ericsson Hungary and Magyar Telekom. The aim of the project is to introduce smart services targeting car drivers and transport domain service providers. To put the idea into practice we attach a small device to the cars’ standardized OBD2 interface which transmits valuable diagnostics data through the mobile network about the general status, actual parameters and possible faults codes from the vehicle.
  4. Cubilog
    It has its own data collecting and summary system that helps us build the necessary configuration from various elements and the system will start working automatically. It can be used in several industrial branches (e.g. agriculture, oil industry, transport), while it can be used also for home automation purpose and in other industrial areas as well.
  5. Drungli
    A simple and appealing charter-searching device that is expected to change our old travel searching habits by offering effective and inspiring experiences for the new generations of travelers. Currently the application is available in Europe. Last year over 3.5 million people used it to find a charter flight.
  6. Fitnect-3D Virtual Mirror
    This 3D virtual mirror uses extended reality. We can try on hundreds of clothes, and look at bags or accessories within a short time in front of the display. The clothes we put on can be seen from all the sides because the goods are faithful three-dimensional copies of the original ones. We can take a photo of the things we have tried on and share it with our friends, too.
  7. Freedee / Cube
    Cube printer is the hero of desktop revolution: this is the first 3D printer which is affordable, and can be used by adults and children at home easily. We can print downloaded or planned objects (games, jewels, components, etc.) immediately after planning. It seems that technology leaves the vocational scenes and takes an aim at homes, schools and a new group of users, too.
  8. Funspotter
    We can save a lot of time by using this device, which collects concerts, movies, plays and other potential exciting events for us and, on the basis of our Facebook timeline, recommends us programs that we might like. The developers of Funspotter are planning to penetrate the B2B market in the future by adding new services to the current ones.
  9. Interactive Store Systems
    ISS offers a novel customer experience in department stores: with the help of conventional online tools visible and audible reactions can be gained from the system and it can help us make the right choice when shopping. The commodities can be shown on any touchscreen, and a lot of data can be collected and used for this new way of shopping.
  10. iParking
    This application facilitates car and pedestrian orientation in shopping centers significantly. The solution offers a registry of all current parking places available and provides both indoor and outdoor navigation as well. When we have reached a free parking place, the system keeps on navigating us and tells us how to reach the requested shop. After shopping it leads us back to our car and may show us, if requested, where automatic pay stations can be found.
  11. Leopoly
    The first online 3D playing plasticine application in the world that works on all 3D displays and on two-dimensional ones, too. Objects made by Leopoly can be printed even from different substances on a 3D printer.
  12. Mammuth Rewarron
    It is the newest level of model driving where cars are not just the largest ones but most complex, too. Its developers devise solutions that cope by themselves but when working together they can make new perspectives in modeling.
  13. Neudice
    This online language teaching software shows linguistic relationship between words and arranges them by using artificial intelligence. Languages are modeled horizontally so we can identify and memorize linguistic features easily. It is available for any language even in simple or traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean versions and, of course, in English.
  14. NaSDi (Natural Sound Distortion)
    The electronic equipment invented at the University of Pécs ensures a realistic sound experience at a low sound-pressure level. It can increase the sensation of loudness without any alterations by making a totally linear transfer frequency procession in the full dynamic range. This means that only the clearest sounds will reach our ears without any harmful side-effects. The device is expected to be available for hearing aids, too.
  15. Perfumance
    This application, designed to search and find the right perfume for its users, make notes, recommendations, and creates a unique shopping community, too. It is able to classify the features of several thousand of perfumes and make special links between them to achieve a unique combination of fragrances. It takes only a few minutes to find our or our friends’ perfect fragrance
  16. REBOT
    It teaches children the basics of robotic technology in a cheap and entertaining way and develops a kind sensitivity for environmental issues. We can build different robots with different forms and functions using a few empty boxes or bottles. These can be commanded by a computer or a mobile phone or can be even made to function independently.
  17. ShopDash
    It is a shopping app with label shopping solution for tablets. ShopDash reinvents catalog-style shopping, both online and in-store. It’s visual recommendations (”cross-swipe” as beta users refer to it) help consumers make smarter choices and allow stores to significantly boost their sales. Big brands may even choose to run their own version.
  18. Whitereport
    Whitereport’s mediabrowser makes the fragmented cross-media market (TV, radio, print, online, outdoor, cinema supply) transparent and easy to search. It is available 7/24 via in Hungarian and English, so it brings professional media information provision to a 21st century level. This application is highly useful for anyone working in the field of media.
  19. Zapland
    Zapland is a digital-physical hybrid platform educating children about energy through the most natural and intuitive activity: playing. It consists of a self-sustaining, real-life playground and its virtual counterpart, a connected digital space. Children can generate energy by playing with any of the games in the playground and this energy is measured and tracked in the cloud.
  20. Zybex Secure Phone
    ZSP is a special voice encryption system for mobile phones which can encrypt and authenticate mobile conversations. It provides a state-of-the-art protection against interception, identity fraud and any unauthorized use of services. Installed on any smart phone, it can authenticate and encrypt your telephone conversations and short messages right away.

In 2013, the already rich experience offered by HITS will be augmented by its integration with the inaugural Budapest 3D Printing Days co-organized with Design Terminal and FreeDee Printing Solutions, pioneering and promoting the emergent 3D printing movement and maker culture in Hungary and Hungary’s Contest for Young Scientists and Innovators, organized annually by the Hungarian Association for Innovation. Since the associated events will coincide with IEEE ICC, one of world’s largest engineering conferences, taking place just a couple of blocks away, they will come together into a truly unique focal point of the Budapest event calendar for those interested in the tech sector.