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Secure cloud storage outfit Tresorit posts $10000 hacker bounty

Popular cloud storage services are easy to use, but only boast middling security. Tresorit is trying to set itself apart from rivals by inviting hackers to do their worst on its cryptography. Silicon Goulash readers can also get a free 50GB account for life.

There are a ton of online syncing and storage services, but not all of them encrypt your data locally for higher security. Just out of private beta, Tresorit is a new alternative with client-side encryption. The company offers 5GB of free space, but for a limited time Silicon Goulash readers can grab 50GB free for life.

Tresorit's biggest selling point is the strong security. Your files and folders are encrypted before they're uploaded to the cloud. Tresorit is pretty confident in its security claims and it's inviting the world's hackers to try to break its encryption. As of April 15, Tresorit offers a $10,000 reward to anyone that busts its cryptography.

Tresorit was founded in 2011, received $1.7 million in funding last year from Euroventures and nine private investors, and is now freshly out of closed beta, with its storage being based on Azure. The firm has strong security cred as a spinoff of Hungarian security outfit CrySys Lab, which was responsible for identifying the notorious Duqu worm.

The software is really easy to use. You can select any folder to be synced (as a "Tresor"), share folders with other users, and also adjust permissions of shared folders by user. Other Dropbox alternatives with client-side encryption, SpiderOak and Wuala, have more features, but Tresorit's interface is a lot more user-friendly. On the downside, there's no web-based access for your files, people you share folders with will also need the software installed, and it takes a few seconds longer for your synced files to appear on another computer (probably because of the encryption that has to happen first).

Right now the client is only available for Windows, but OS X, iOS and Android versions will arrive before June, as will the first paid-for premium Tresorit accounts. The company declined to reveal the pricing or capacity for these accounts ahead of that launch.

Got you interested? Give Tresorit a try. Register before May 20 and get 50GB of free encrypted space.