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Meet the startups pitching on the Hungarian Innovation Day

The first Hungarian Innovation Day in London will aim to promote innovative Hungarian startups and to bring together investors with companies seeking capital to fund growth and international expansion.

The Hungarian Innovation Day will be held next week in London and InVendor just announced the list of  selected companies that will be able to pitch at the Hungarian Embassy in London. The participating companies all have a leading technology, strong track record of project management and are well positioned to develop their ideas into successful international businesses. The companies were selected based on their performace on the Assessment Day that was held on 28th September at the British Embassy of Budapest. You can find the list of selected companies below:


Antavo is a web-based marketing software that enables marketers and agencies to launch low-cost, turn-key promotional campaigns online. It provides a unique WYSIWYG platform, which approaches promotion building from the customers’ experience. The product is available with full functionality and a simple, lead-based pricing strategy. Antavo’s framework may be used to build and run promotions on any Facebook page, website or microsite. Currently available promotion types include sweepstakes, group offers, giveaways and coupons either to raise brand awareness or to increase sales.

Content 2 Connect

Content 2 Connect is the first content aggregator company on the e-book market in the CEE region which is the most dynamically growing market in Europe. The Company offers the value to bridge the cultural gap between countries with the help of local knowledge and to disperse it into world via global e-retailers and device producers such as Amazon, Apple, Google and Kobo. Being the first mover in the region makes the company possible to develop a more up-to-date education besides maintaining cultural heritage.

CE On-Demand

CE On-Demand delivers the technology for telcos, systems integrators and data centres to execute their cloud strategies extremely quickly with proven results. With the Company’s proprietary software, the Cloud Services ManagerTM, CE On-Demand’s business model is highly scalable and by virtue of its reliance on cloud IT, it is easily replicated in any territory across the globe. Since inception, CE On-Demand has supported 27 cloud providers in 17 countries across Europe by helping them to realise their strategies of deploying cloud services quickly and professionally. CE On-Demand’s management comprises highly seasoned technology and services professionals, with years of experience in telecommunications, IT and other service industries.

Duna Bioethanol Plant

The main objective of Duna Bioethanol Plant project is to produce fuel quality bioethanol from maize. The plant is going to be built on the industrial site of Mátra Power Plant with the aim of utilizing synergies due to the cooperation between the two plants. The coal based power plant will supply the steam and electrical energy to the bioethanol plant, and the side product of the bioethanol plant will be utilized by the power plant as feed stock. Thank to this cooperation the bioethanol plant receives electricity and steam on a lower price while the Power Plant can use a renewable resource, so it will save CO2 quotes. With this setup the Bioethanol Plant is able to produce biofuel with the lowest energy costs and minimal waste.


The primary goal of Mcule is to develop the best integrated drug discovery platform available online. The solution is a combination of carefully-curated database of commercially available molecules, scalable search and stimulation platform specialized to drug research including components from commercial software vendors like Chemaxon, Biosolvite, open source components and own developments and simple molecule procurement service. Using their service researchers can go through the computer supported part of the drug research up to stage where they order chemicals to the trials.


Mixgar is social jukebox application. It streams music that most people like at a venue be it a bar, a shop or a franchise unit. Mixgar is way more than jukebox or a background music provider it is social, it is interactive and it is democratic, it plays the music the whole community likes! Listeners check in to a bar and they can vote for songs with their mobile. They can also log in with their Facebook account so Mixgar reads their likes and changes the playlist accordingly.


Sighter is a social location-based mobile game, where players can hide and seek interesting sights, simply by taking and sharing photos. It transforms sightseeing and tourism into an exciting adventure. The Sighter game mechanics are similar to geocaching, but Sighter is much more accessible and it is also available in cities.


SooMeta is content management system for engaging mixed-media stories. Instead of reading text-based articles viewers expect visual stories; there is a shift towards less copy and more images/videos on the web. SooMeta is a storytelling tool that redefines blogging: it helps editorial teams & individual bloggers create visually engaging stories in minutes. The team has built the successful video curation platform called Dragontape (started 2 years ago), with over 125K downloaded apps and hundreds of thousands of visitors each month.


Tresorit is a cloud-based, secure file synchronising software, specifically designed to share confidential data of business users. The software is suitable for making shared directories in a way that the files in the directories are encrypted before uploaded and the encrypted file will get into the cloud. When downloading the file from the cloud it is decryptable only when permitted by the owner, other users are unable to decode its contents. The special feature of Tresorit is that the encrypted contents are shareable without re-encryption and that the share is reversible. Besides enrcyption and security, Tresorit is a fine tool for collaboration, significantly faster than the current solutions and provides a fabolous user experience.