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Biggeorge's invests $0.9 million in Boadree

Jeremie fund manager Biggeorge's invests 200 million HUF (0.9 million USD) in Boadree, an IT security firm headquartered in Szeged. The startup was founded by young ethical hackers, all alumni of EEF’s Accelerator Course.

Boadree was founded by five young ethical hackers, all alumni of EEF’s Accelerator Course, who despite their young age have significant international experience in the field of IT security. The company focuses on building secutity software and providing online services to their partners, their clients range from small enterprises to corporate giants of various industries.

“If a company does not pay attention to website security, they put their entire client database at risk. If sensitive data is stolen, it can cause a huge damage to the company, measured in millions of euros. Such losses can be prevented by the application of proper webpage security measures.” – says Peter Ilosvai, Boardree’s new CEO.

The team also took part in the Jeremie Venture Contest and were one of the winners. This is yet another success story next to Antavo, which came out of the same class.

“I liked the project because I found the team to be very innovative and agile, while Peter Ilosvai is a leader with international experience. There is a significant growth potential in the online security market. Boardree is very promising, because their system is very scalable in contrast with the so-called ethical hacker methods.” – said Levente Zsembery, CEO of Biggeorge.

Biggeorge’s-NV Equity venture fund management was founded in 2008 as a member of the Biggeorge’s-NV company group. Boardree is the VC firm’s eighth investment since its foundation, previous invesments include Noispot, Attrecto, and Laokoon Design.