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Day One makes its first investment in software company Flan-Tech

Hungarian venture capital fund Day One has successfully completed its first investment with a EUR 250,000 funding of Flan Technologies. The target company develops online tools for the media industry.

The investment is the first one since Day One launched their first fund in 2011. The company provides real-time data analysis tools such as user generated data for editorial staff and campaign management tools for the marketing department. Day One is Hungary's very first home-grown VC company, while Flan Technologies is also currently owned by domestic entities. The VC firm's management consists of highly experienced individuals from the electronic media and advertising industry.

Flan Technologies was founded in 2009 and develops a host of data analysis tools that are accessible over the internet. The web-based software packages are designed specifically for the media industry and will help senior editorial and marketing staff to quickly peruse data in a real-time environment so that their decisions can be based on current facts rather than historic data.

FruitFlan, one of their products, is intended to provide a real-time dashboard of user activity across the media company's websites in absolute as well as relative numbers. The software provides the information in a visual manner that is easy to understand.

Another software from their library, called AdFlan, will enable contextual targeting for internet banner advertising campaigns, as well as provide detailed data reports to help target specific audiences. The data will help campaigns be more relevant to users and increase the return on investment for the advertisers.